Saturday, August 24, 2019

Second Life -- Vreni Island Battle Planning


Based on the Prime Minister's meeting (and the sanity of the Storytellers), retaking Vreni Island is divided into separate teams, each with an objective of their choosing.

These objectives are listed below. The Prime Minister has emphasized the objective to be the rescue of as many hostages as possible but as only 900 or so hostages of the known 1200-1600 are visible in aerial photography it is likely a lot of them will be killed before any rescuers can get to them, simply because we don't know where they are.

The Empire and ShakaCorps were to send ships to evacuate the hostages once rescued, but the anti-air cannons will need to be destroyed first.


1) Black Sun will be taking out the power station at 2 am in the morning when many of the Scourge will be asleep and many Scourge aces unable to see in the darkness.

2) Once power is out, All teams move in on their objective (Recommend each start at a different beachhead to minimize overlapping chats). Each team should have a Storyteller with them, and ICly, CorSec insists they have a CorSec officer. Yours may be a player or NPC or left behind as you please.

3) Each team completes their objective and moves on to another uncompleted objective until all are complete or Nec'ron Skar is located. The objective is rescuing hostages but locking him down is a valid objective.

4) All players as they complete objectives are free to join the fight against Nec'ron Skar. Pretype your posts so that combat can proceed as rapidly as possible. Skar's location is not known yet. Intelligence said he is inside a building with his officers, but not which one.

5) Collapse and party.


All Scourge are armed with at least a blaster pistol.

Shutdown codes for the bombs have been found and will be given to the CorSec or CorFed officers if one is with your team. The Scourge can rearm the explosives given time. If not disarmed with the code the Scourge will attempt to set off the bombs.


LOCATION 1A   8 -- hostages, robot guards, possible Scourge guards, antiair cannon

LOCATION 1B -- Tank, possible explosive devices. Two buildings plus the holding pen.

LOCATION 2 -- 3 buildings, explosives, Thugs, turrets

LOCATION 3 -- Two buildings, Scourge, droids explosives, several turrets and a tank.

LOCATION 4 -- Two buildings, Tank, Anti air battery, Explosives

LOCATION 5A -- 30 Hostages visible. Explosives. Access only available by climbing the wall or going down the cliff to the right

LOCATION 5B --  Tanks, Anti Air, Scourge and droids. No hostages

LOCATION 6 -- Clifftop, Scourge, anti air, possible DeathWatch and/or Force Users, no hostages visible

FINAL LOCATION (?) AFTER ALL OTHERS DEALT WITH -- Skiff , presumably  containing Nec'ron unless hes in a building where we cant see him.   Eva's choice where he actually is.

Scourge Stats:   

Group of turned Civs.   15HP, 3O, 1D, 1R, 1A
Group of Scourge Rift-Raft.  20HP, 4O, 2D, 1R
Group of Scourge Thugs. 25HP, 5O, 2D, 1R
Pair of Scourge Elites.   30HP, 6O, 2D, 2R, 2A
Scourge Tanks.  40HP, 7O, 2D, 2R, 1A
Scourge Turret.  10HP, 6O, 1D, 1R, 2A