Saturday, July 6, 2019

Show Notes July 2019


STARCRAFT  NEWS   (And Some Hearthstone)  

Assembly Summer 2019 

ASUS ROG and Blizzard present Assembly Summer 2019 announced in Finland Aug 1-3 will give a massive 3200 WCS points and $25,000 prize pool with no region lock, allowing Koreans to enter. 

The ANZ/SEA Proleague Season 4

The ANZ/SEA Proleague Season 4 has officially commenced.  8 teams will battle over 7 weeks. Top 2 teams will be invited to a lan finals held #MEO2019 !!  Bringing Team on Team action to ANZ and SEA regional Starcraft 


O’Gaming is proud to once again partner with Blizzard Entertainment to present NationWars 6 !  Teams of 3 players from over 50 nations + a Sub will compete live on stage in Paris to share a $40,000 prize pool.   Info and Registration at  Votin for your national team members begins August 3rd.


After three months of preparation, China's version of the Olympics, the WESG World E-sports Games, 2019-2020 season is about to start. WESG 2019-2020 Finals are scheduled to take place March 2020.   Hearthstone is also included in this worldwide tournament. Over 90 countries participated in 2018-2019. 


SpeCiaL advanced from the GSL Round of 32 this week. Sadly Scarlett and Legendary player Boxer did not. boxer has just returned from mandatory military service. 

The Corporate Esports Association Season 1 Finals took place. 

GGs to 12 Pool (Amazon) and their Charity of Choice, , who defeated Facebook Legacy in the Finals. 

A Community update post on the Blizzard Forums. 

Terrans received a stimpack buff, Zerg Infested Terran damage was nerfed and Protoss Warp Prisms are dead to us. 

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