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Show Notes, Blizzard News September 2018

Due to GamesCom and BlizzCon secrecy, and 
the Warcraft expansion, there has been very little 
to report lately that you can't find through Blizzard's 
own press releases. As always, if I do see anything, 
I'll continue updating here. 

See the Calendar Post 
for complete list of events, micro holidays, 
tournaments and in game events.


As I have left World of Warcraft I will no longer provide the usual links to all of the standard WoWhead and MMOChampion content you can find everywhere, just any new articles I come across that might be interesting or out of the way.

BlizzCon 2018 November 2-3

You have until July 20 to edit the information on your tickets.  The Benefit Dinner will be Thursday, November 1 and tickets are $750.  Community Night is undergoing some changes, but there will still be a costume contest.

More info:



GSL Super tournament

GSL Super tournament , the last decider for the Korean wing of the lead up to BlizzCon, plays Sept 27 - 30. 

Seven players, GuMiho, Trap, SoS, soO and Solar will be battling for the last BlizzCon seat to complete the Round of 16 in November. Although foreigners did enter they failed to make it through the offline qualifiers and many have instead moved on to prepare for WESG USA and WESG Canada this weekend. 

Maru wins GSL, Promises BlizzCon

Maru took his third GSL victory this year, only the second time to ever happen in the GSL, in a 7 game, 3 hour match up against fellow Korean Terran, TY. 

While Maru focused on his signature proxy 2 barracks followed by medivacs and cyclones with banshees with vikings, TY threatened to proxy but never did, instead defending against Maru's shenanigans and taking the first two maps, with hellions and air. As the pair traded games, Maru evened the score.  With victory in sight, Jin Air rallied with Maru for a strategy session, SpeCiaL joining his friend TY to offer his own analysis as one of the top terrans after Maru and TY themselves. In game 7, Maru pushed early with cyclones, tanks, marines and a banshee, cutting through TYs natural and forcing the GG and history.

TY has won over half a million dollars playing Starcraft, the 4th highest Starcraft II player after SoS, Rogue and Maru, who  has taken over half of his $672,735 total in this year alone, with BlizzCon and its prize pool  still to go. 

Starcraft AI Tournament Season Begins

The longest running Starcraft AI Tournament, SSCAIT, will begin in a few weeks and run through December or January. Kings of the North: Probot Season 2 has already gotten underway however while, a Starcraft II AI Tournament will begin in October.

And Lastly

And lastly, the TotalBiscuit Commemorative Pack is in the store for a limited time. All proceeds go to his family towards hospital bills for his cancer treatment. There is also the Starcraft War Chest for a limited time, with sweet in game skins, a Heroes of the Storm Probius skin, and loot chests for OverWatch and Hearthstone.

Chinese Researchers developed AI capable of defeating StarCraft II’s AI 

on the highest difficulty levels in full matches — making them the first to do so.

The Pylon Show Episode 21, a Starcraft Podcast

With Artosis and iNcontroL every Wednesday! Also available on YouTube and as a podcast.

This week's guests, Nathanias, uThermal, Lambo, and TLO!



    Diablo Netflix series confirmed by accident   
    The would-be showrunner let the cat out of the bag.   Thanks to a now deleted Tweet sent out, we know that the rumors were accurate.  " I guess I can confirm I am indeed in final talks to write and show-run the new DIABLO animated series for Activision and Netflix. It’s very exciting and I hope to the High Heavens it all works out." — Andy Cosby (@andycosby) September 20, 2018

         HEROES OF THE STORM     




                   WARCRAFT III               

    Daily and Weekly Tournaments here

                   WARCRAFT CLASSIC               


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