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Show Notes, Blizzard News and Events June 2018

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Blizzard Bans Cloud Gaming Services

How Activision Blizzard Inc. Makes Its Money

Artifact Power Tokens Now Vendor for Gold

The Artifact Retirement Quest is Now Available

Welcome Back Weekend: World of Warcraft is Temporarily Free to Play

Welcome Back Weekend: Character Services 25% Off on the Blizzard Shop

Developer Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas - Battle for Azeroth

Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Story Panel

  • Join us on Friday, June 15 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. PDT and help test Warfronts in the Battle for Azeroth Beta.
  • In order to be eligible to queue for Warfronts, you need to be level 120, and have completed enough of the campaign to have unlocked World Quests. We're also working to make it more apparent when the Warfront is actually open, and what its current state is. We previously had Warfronts available starting at level 110 for early testing; that is no longer the case.
  • Also just to clarify an earlier point: each state of the Warfront should be active for approximately two days, but the exact amount of time can change based on player participation. We're not planning on accelerating that any further in the Beta for the time being, because we want to see how things work out on this schedule.

Hunters getting Toad pets
Ok, cat's out of the bag. And it's a toad. You are. Congrats that guy that kept tweeting me about frogs. Baby steps my friend. Croak croak. (Muffinus)

Before the Storm:  the Novel

Battle for Azeroth - Simultaneous Launch in all Regions

Three Sisters - Battle for Azeroth Comics: Issue #3

New Comic: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth #2 — Magni

download the free comic here.


4th Annual Running Of The Trolls

Saturday June 9, 2017 :  The 4th Annual Running of the Trolls 2018. For donations or information,
Info Post:   

Before the Storm Novel by Christie Golden Comes Out June 12

BlizzCon 2018 November 2-3

You have until July 20 to edit the information on your tickets.  The Benefit Dinner will be Thursday, November 1 and tickets are $750.  Community Night is undergoing some changes, but there will still be a costume contest.

More info:

 WARCRAFT BETA (Spoiler Free) 

Potential Story Spoilers will be in yellow. For full Alpha information see below links as I will only post bits I think interesting.

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               WARCRAFT III               

Warcraft 3 marches on with its slow but steady resurgence.
Warcraft 3 in China is still thriving -- last years Gold Championship series finals peaked at 1,416,594 viewers with an average concurrent viewership of 575,284. While China has a history of inflated viewership, it's still an important reminder of Warcraft's enduring legacy there.

Warcraft 3 - Patch 1.29.2

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • Ladder reset
  • Joining a custom game on Mac will result in a crash
  • Cursor does not match the mouse position when resolution is taller than wider
  • In 24 player games, AI buildings may become stuck in construction
  • Automated tournament map pool updates will be available Soon™

Daily and Weekly Tournaments here



Maru defeated Zest in the korean GSL Season 2 Finals, as expected, 4-0 in 33 minutes total. Maru hasnt lost a tournament in quite a while. Maru's victory made him only the second player ever to win back-to-back Code S tournaments. Maru, 20,  is known for being a near prodigy, the youngest GSL player of all time, winning his first televised game at the age of 13.

GSL vs The World 2018 is the next big Korean Tournament, featuring the top 8 Korean players vs the top 8 foreigners, in August, and will be the first look at what to expect from BlizzCon as Serral has never played against the Korean ranks.

Challenger Series 2 is underway with EU happening on Saturday. As expected Serral took this tournament like every other this year outside of Korea, and it was almost a replay of WCS Austin in matchups and victors excepting Namshar who made it to the finals with Serral. Taking so many BlizzCon slots is throwing heat on the Ladder rankings as they will determine who takes those extra seats, but the results have been mixed enough that not many obvious winners can be identified. Neeb, Scarlett and SpeCial are currently on top of the list but very closely followed by at least a dozen players.

Challenger NA is underway today, with Silky, the winner of this years TESPA Collegiate Starcraft tournament, defeating Neeb (The reigning WCS NA champion 3 times over) 3-2 in the first matchup.  The top 4 in each Challenger series will be automatically seeded into the upcoming WCS Valencia brackets.

Copa América 2018 Season 2  is the second season of Copa América 2018. 16 players from Latin America battle it our for a $10,000 prize pool and two seeds to 2018 WCS Valencia. Cham has taken out Kelazhur but SpeCiaL is still in the Quarterfinals and the winner of SpeCiaL vs Cham will face Kelazhur, then the winner .

HomeStory Cup 16 starts next Friday, possibly the most popular, laid back tournament outside of Anaheim.

Blizzard Adds Global StarCraft: Remastered Tournament Series in Partnership with StarLadder

The 2018 Korea StarCraft League Season 1 or KSL Season 1, is an offline tournament, organized by Blizzard in celebration of the 20th anniversary of StarCraft. Tournament will feature open online qualifiers with top 256 players advancing to the offline stage. 16 best players from the offline qualifiers will participate in the main tournament. Round of 16 play will begin on Thursday July 19, 2018. Matches will be broadcasted every week on Thursday and Friday, 19:00 KST. English coverage will be provided by Artosis and Tasteless

A new Starcraft 1 Proleague has been announced, consisting of the players that made up the previous league plus each team must include 1 female player who will take part in a mandatory Female vs Female match. Scheduled to behin June 3, Flash, Jaedong and Stork have confirmed they will be participating in the ProLeague. The ProLeague will be sponsored by AfreecaTV, the sponsor of the Starcraft II Global Starcraft League.

IOC to hold esports exploratory forum next month (Olympics)

StarCraft fans at San Diego Comic-Con will be able to get their hands on some slick new convention exclusive covers courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.

Blizzard Adds Global StarCraft: Remastered Series in Partnership with StarLadder

ByuL Retires From Starcraft 2

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of StarCraft, Blizzard Entertainment is launching the Korea StarCraft League (KSL).

TaeJa is Back and Will Play in GSL Qualifiers

He’s been in the military for the past 19 months or so

[2018 Asian Games] Maru and Surrender Will Represent Korea for StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone

Dark Horse Launches ... Starcraft Scavengers in July ...

The Pylon Show Debuts, a Starcraft Podcast by 2 Pro casters

With Artosis and iNcontroL every Wednesday! Also available on YouTube and as a podcast.

WCS Valencia July 12-14

WCS Montreal Sept 7-9


IOC to hold esports exploratory forum next month (Olympics)

Mythic Dungeon Invitational Global Finals Begin June 22!

North American Arena World Championship Recap


    Coder Spends 1,200 Hours Piecing Together Diablo's Source Code
    They also noted that having access to source code means the game can continually be updated to run on newer hardware—something that’s become more and more of an issue over time.

    Video Shows How Blizzard Created Diablo 3’s Visual Effects

    Microsoft and Blizzard Team Up to Give Away an Awesome Diablo III Xbox One X Console


         HEROES OF THE STORM     

    Heroes of the Storm's Warcraft Battleground Now Live Alongside XP Bonus Event



    Hearthstone Global Games tournament Free Card Pack

    [2018 Asian Games] Maru and Surrender Will Represent Korea for StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone


                   WARCRAFT CLASSIC               

    Developer Watercooler: Classic WoW will use Patch 1.12,

    WoW Diary Kickstarter - A Book Covering Vanilla WoW's Dev Cycle


    4 Compelling Reasons to Buy Activision Stock and Hold for the Long Term
    The publisher best known for its Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush franchises has gained 35% over the past year, more than doubling ...

    Dozens of NoN-Blizzard PC games drop tracking software after surveillance fears

    Neverwinter Online closes in on 18 million players

    Does this mean WoW is no longer the biggest MMO????

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