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Show Notes, Blizzard News and Events May 2018

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New Comic: World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth #1 — Jaina: “Reunion”

download the free comic here.

4th Annual Running Of The Trolls

Saturday June 9, 2017 :  The 4th Annual Running of the Trolls 2018. For donations or information, Info Post:     

Clothing Company UNIQLO Partners With Blizzard and Reveals New Summer Line

Play with the Blues on Thursday - Alliance Warfronts

BlizzCon 2018 Tickets Sold Out

World of Warcraft Player Sentenced to Jail for DDoS Attacks Against Blizzard

Bid on props from the Warcraft movie

Before the Storm Novel by Christie Golden Comes Out June 12

BlizzCon 2018 November 2-3

You have until July 20 to edit the information on your tickets.  The Benefit Dinner will be Thursday, November 1 and tickets are $750.  Community Night is undergoing some changes, but there will still be a costume contest.

More info:

 WARCRAFT BETA (Spoiler Free) 

Potential Story Spoilers will be in yellow. For full Alpha information see below links as I will only post bits I think interesting.

Information from  and

Per-Realm Character Limit Increased to 18 in Battle for Azeroth

WoW Battle for Azeroth dataminers unearth a Diablo-themed pet

The Dueler's Guild for PvPers in Battle for Azeroth

War Mode players will get a 15% experience boost in Battle for Azeroth

On-use racial abilities and trinkets no longer to be added to GCD on the beta


               WARCRAFT III               

Warcraft 3 marches on with its slow but steady resurgence.
Warcraft 3 in China is still thriving -- last years Gold Championship series finals peaked at 1,416,594 viewers with an average concurrent viewership of 575,284. While China has a history of inflated viewership, it's still an important reminder of Warcraft's enduring legacy there.

Warcraft 3 - Patch 1.29.2

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • Ladder reset
  • Joining a custom game on Mac will result in a crash
  • Cursor does not match the mouse position when resolution is taller than wider
  • In 24 player games, AI buildings may become stuck in construction
  • Automated tournament map pool updates will be available Soon™

Daily and Weekly Tournaments here



GSL (Global Starcraft League) Season 2 has begun its month long twice weekly tournament in Korea. Maru (the Season 1 victor) defeated Patience in Group A and moved on with Zest. No foreigners made it out of qualifiers. Thursday SoO, Rogue, Innovation and Dear play Group B.

At GSL Group B, SoO, Dear, Innovation and Rogue played out SoO's fantasy of defeating all those who have beaten him previously in Finals. In GSL, matches are selected by the 4 top players of the previous season choosing their opponents from the remaining top 12 players and SoO undoubtedly thought he was joking when he made that comment about revenge, choosing Dear as his first pick, but it didnt happen and Dear walked away 1-2 thanks to practice with his best friend, Rogue.
Maru, last Season's Champion, used his Winners ability to switch any two players of his choice and he gave SoO Innovation, completing the trifecta of devastation coming up. All SoO could do while waiting for the matches to start was laugh in his booth.
Rogue tore through Innovation's Medivac play in stunning fashion 2-0, hatching banelings under the Terran army's feet, twice, and flooding mutas and zergling armies.
Rogue then faced Dear, his friend and practice partner and promptly stampeded banelings and zerglings through Dear's natural, forcing  his first GG in under 5 minutes. Dear retaliated in match #2 with a strong counterattack that slowly but surely ground the zerg under his boots. Game 3, Dear scouted Rogue's Nydus and picked off the recent Champion to absolutely everyone's surprise.

The WCS Qualifiers for Austin have been playing out in NA, EU and Asia as well on several Twitch streams 24/7 as players compete for spots in WCS Austin which is coming up.

TotalBiscuit Passed Away

Genna Bain  @GennaBain
 Rest in Peace my Dearest Love
John @Totalbiscuit Bain
July 8, 1984 - May 24, 2018
Since it comes up quite a bit yes, I'm also retired from casting SC2. However, I am working on a solution to allow Shoutcraft Kings to continue, under the ownership and operation of a group of people I trust.  1:13 AM - 5 May 2018
Let it be known I cast until physically unable to do so, go tell the peoploe in 2010 that accused me of being in it for the money, they fucked up.1:19 AM - 5 May 2018

WCS Austin   June 1-3. 2018 WCS Austin is the second of four events of the 2018 WCS Circuit.

North American Challenger Playoffs:  Neeb and MaSa.
European Challenger: Serral and uThermal
Latin America: SpeCial and Kelazhur
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Japan: Has and ExpecT
China: Time and BreakingGG
Oceania: Seither and NXZ

The group stages of the North American and European Challenger tournaments have concluded, and now it's time for the playoffs! The stakes are high: the top four players from each region will win invaluable seeds in the RO32 of WCS Austin, as well as flights and lodging for the duration of the tournament. But even after securing WCS seeds, the playoff players will have plenty of incentive to try and finish as high as possible, as extra WCS points and prize money will be awarded based on their placements.

UK military fears robots learning war from video games

Human trounces AI bots at StarCraft video game

One of the world's best human players, Stork, trounced AI-controlled opponents 4-0 in a StarCraft tournament this week. The bots did not pose much of a challenge for Mr Song, who took a total of 27 minutes to defeat all four. The longest match lasted over 10 minutes and the shortest just four and a half. Other groups have taken on other games. One bot created by the non-profit OpenAI research group has managed to defeat top players of Dota 2.

Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 will be Olympic Sports at the Asia Games

Siri’s creators are training AI to form memories - by playing StarCraft

Serral sets new all time highest MMR record

Interview with Maynarde!

Cal ‘StarCraft 2’ team makes dramatic comeback in Tespa Collegiate Series finals over Waterloo


Congratulations UC Berkeley! Nick M., Ryan Q., Clayton F., and Derrick X. !

Feb 17 - Apr 22, 2018. 4 teams will qualify to join our 12 SC2 teams for their share of $35,000 in scholarships & prizing.   Brackets at  currently on Round 7 of 15.  At the end of the 8 weeks of round robin, the teams will be seeded into our Towers of Doom format with the conclusion being fought out in a single elimination bracket for a chance to earn their share of $35,000 in scholarships and prizing.

Blizzard's next shooter is PvP-focused, and probably not Overwatch 2

Blizzard first started hiring for this project in November 2016, sending fans into a frenzy of speculation. At the time, we didn't know it would have a PvP focus, so an Overwatch campaign, or a StarCraft PvE shooter, emerged as the lead theories. This PvP focus seemingly puts the kibosh on either of those, ...

Blizzard job listing reveals more on new PvP game

Gamereactor UK
As pointed out by PCGamesN, this may be a StarCraft shooter, since it sounds this way and StarCraft 2's director Dustin Browder has moved to work as director of this title. Recruiting for this project began in November 2016, so it's a long way in now, even if we hardly know anything about it. What do you ...


Dark Horse Launches ... Starcraft Scavengers in July ...

An Ohio university is offering Starcraft esports scholarships

Ashland University is offering scholarships of up to $4000 for qualified esports competitors. Ashland launched its collegiate esports program in February, when it announced Buchanan's hiring. The school said he has more than five years of competitive experience in esports and is ranked 40th in the US in StarCraft 2; he also works as a freelance StarCraft 2 coach and caster. Other games offered in Ashland's esports program include League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, and Rocket League. Construction of a "gaming center" in the lower level of the school library, with 25 gaming stations equipped with PCs, accessories, and peripherals, is slated to start later this month. 

The Pylon Show Debuts, a Starcraft Podcast by 2 Pro casters

With Artosis and iNcontroL every Wednesday! Also available on YouTube and as a podcast.

WCS Austin   June 1-3.

WCS Valencia July 12-14

WCS Montreal Sept 7-9


North American Arena World Championship Recap

Jdotb (Method NA), one of the best World of Warcraft players in the world, gives his thoughts on Mythic+ dungeons.

Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 will be Olympic Sports at the Asia Games

New esports community center set to open fall 2018
On Wednesday, the Division of Student Affairs, working with the UC Berkeley Cal Esports Program, announced a one-of-a-kind partnership with NRG eSports and the San Francisco Shock to open up an esports community center at the Foothill housing complex come fall 2018.


    WoW Battle for Azeroth dataminers unearth a Diablo-themed pet

    Diablo 3 console version now up to patch parity with PC

    User Recreates ‘Diablo II’ in ‘Starcraft II’ Mod

    We’re still waiting on Blizzard to reveal whether or not they’re working to remaster Diablo II, but in the meantime, fans have turned to other means to get their updated fix of the 2000 classic: Modding. One such mod is The Curse of Tristram by egod123, which looks to recreate Diablo II using Starcraft II. The project has been in development since last year, and with no cease-and-desist letter in sight, things are looking promising.

    So promising, in fact, that the author had started an IndieGogo campaign to offset the time needed to devote to the game, with the campaign finishing up with $1,902 USD (of the cheeky $6,666 goal) in donations. The mod is free to download, and will be released as a series of custom maps published through arcade. In fact, according to the IndieGogo site, the beta is “just around the corner”. The author also streams their progress on their Twitch channel quite regularly, so if you’re keen, check it out.

         HEROES OF THE STORM     

    JUNE 12th :  Heroes of the Storm Ranked Season 2 ends.

    Lunara gets her own Heroes of the Storm rework, not quite as drastic as Diablo’s

    Two Dark Nexus skins arrive in Heroes of the Storm

    Heroes of the Storm releases its first comic, Rise of the Raven Lord



    Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 will be Olympic Sports at the Asia Games

    The Standard Brawliseum Has Taken Over Tavern Brawl This Week!


    Starting March 13, we’ll review your submissions and reach out to shortlisted entrants with further instructions. The finalists will move on to cast the Hearthstone Collegiate Championship Playoffs for Spring, which will take place this April 28 – 29 2018.


    Hanzo rework and Brigitte nerfs won’t be in Overwatch League’s Stage 4

    The latest Overwatch PTR buffs Ana, nerfs Brigitte

    Overwatch patch with Rialto, Hanzo changes, and more now live

    This week the Overwatch League saw some serious leaderboard shakeups

    In Belgium, Overwatch loot boxes are now considered illegal gambling

    New esports community center set to open fall 2018
    On Wednesday, the Division of Student Affairs, working with the UC Berkeley Cal Esports Program, announced a one-of-a-kind partnership with NRG eSports and the San Francisco Shock to open up an esports community center at the Foothill housing complex come fall 2018.

    The Overwatch team is (still) working on better tools to fight Overwatch toxicity

    Stage 3 kicks off in Overwatch League with new players and a new scandal

    Overwatch hackers get $10k fine, 2 years probation in South Korea
    by Matthew Rossi on May 1, 2018 at 4:00pm @MatthewWRossi
    Back in January, thirteen people were arrested in South Korea for hacking Overwatch and fixing matches in the incredibly popular team shooter.

                   WARCRAFT CLASSIC               

    WoW Diary Kickstarter - A Book Covering Vanilla WoW's Dev Cycle


    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Will Be A Battlenet Exclusive

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