Friday, March 9, 2018

The Problem with Warcraft

This post was in response to Lagging Balls, episode 137 with guest host Pat Krane.

From Alisaunder 

I started an email awhile back about the deep problems with Warcraft, so I agree with Pat. 

The player base is aging up to their 20s and 30s and 40s, with jobs, may be family and other interests whether it be other Blizzard games or the new sexy on Steam. 

I just don't have the time, or I'm not willing to make the time, for Warcraft to suck up all my free time anymore. 

There is plenty of bite size content in game but who has the willpower to do just one World Quest or Pet Battle and not get sidetracked by the Darkmoon Faire being in town and the mini holiday is up and let's see what's on the Black Market AH and oh there's a 5 pt gear upgrade over there and aw Nuts is up in Val'Sharah and Bombing Hyrdshall in Stormheim and... and... and... 4 hours later your binge catch up of Supergirl is done and it's time for bed. 

It's worse for me because I'm an altoholic, 15 110s and only the first has completed her class stuff and mount. 

I'm playing with the idea of not playing BAzeroth at all until a year in when they put in the catch up mechanics, and finishing Legion or playing Conan Exiles or Civilization or Starcraft. 

I truly feel I've wasted the past 15 months, grinding every tiny step of the way when I could have just waited and gotten 1000 level Legendaries, faster AP, easier dungeon runs and gear ups. 

But I don't think Pat goes far enough. If everything scales to our level what is the point of levels anymore?  Once you complete the campaign or a zone, you unlock the gear from it. Simple as that. Your gear score becomes your level. I'm not lvl 85 I'm Cata. Or I'm Tomb gear and he's 2 piece Antorus. 

Won't need scaling anymore. 

I am glad there's determined Tables in the Alpha though. I can play WoW on mobile, 15 minutes twice a day and then go watch some GSL Code S while watching Lagging Balls. 

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