Wednesday, March 8, 2017


From Alisaunder

Heya Guys.

Now and then we talk about the problems in growing Esports into the Next Big Thing. Nothing new to add to that except that after the Starcraft was over at IEM Katovice, I stayed around to see what was up in the Heroes and CSGO instead of leaving.

There was a time when I knew the big teams in Heroes, and who was on each team and I had my favorites because that team had done XYZ or chosen a really punny name...

But theyre all changed, rearranged, name changed...

Its ok in Starcraft to root for one guy, because its a single player game but it doesn't work in Heroes to cheer for one team because of one guy. Not for me anyway. If anything it feels the opposite, to wonder if he split off thinking he could do better and abandoned them.

Just a thought.


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