Wednesday, March 8, 2017


From Alisaunder

It is a fact that in my office of 80 people, I'm the only gamer. The few who were, played Shooters, got married, had kids, and gave it up.

I've seen many gamers fall away when the wife had it in for childish video games taking time away from her or the family time so there is that problem.

Yes there are girl gamers and some do play "boys games" but a lot more play things like Stardew Valley or dont game at all. Not yet.

And the types of games "girls might like" might not be Esports friendly, IE shooters vs RPGs.

Secondly, turning on a tv is easy and these days screens are huge, perfect for the family couch.

Esports isn't as convenient, between booting up, loading programs and sites. Nor is it something you do from the couch or with a remote.

I, a girl, can and do watch tons of Esports every night on my PC but a family can't huddle around that screen.

I do think, hope, that one day Esports will be a huge thing and completely normal, but not while 51% of the potential audience isn't on board.

Michelle Morrow being awesome, IS on board so please write in as well to the show Michelle!


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