Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Defense Of Warlords, Gone Awry

From Alisaunder

Good morning Girls and Guest

I think that Warlords content, what there was,  was actually very well done for the most part.

The Big Bad went down a bit too easily true, but I accomplished all my goals in Warlords. I LFR raided quite often and enjoyed Highmaul and Foundry, enjoyed my lovely garrison and collecting minions to suit my desire rather than ones foisted on me.

I pet battled a lot which I enjoy, and my friends and I went off to struggle through those missions together every week.

I made money, too, and achieved my legendary Ring which I had never done before. On several characters.

Story wise we had Yrel and that marvelous intro.

I will never be able to complete Legion, which chafes a bit, if content keeps coming at this rate. No time for pet battles or farming herbs and ore for money, or gear to get into LFR, or unlocking all those weapon appearances unless I knuckle down and work at it, which I don't want to do for a game.

I know I'm in the minority here, and people will say I don't deserve a reward I didn't earn. I don't deny that, but that was the beauty of LFR and being able to out level content. When I did the work of levelling, I out levelled zones.

In Legion I need to do all that, and then months of artifact power farming.

On every alt.

I think this is poor design keeping me from playing the actual game.

I do enjoy World Quests and hope they stay, but become a little more optional in the future instead of an endless ladder.

I'm enjoying Legion, don't get me wrong, but I want to get back to enjoying Legion rather than spending my nights rotating through World Quests on my 4 level 110 characters.

My AP meter is slowly increasing but I'm reminded of Everquest, where a second xp bar was needed to be able to see daily progress.

Maybe I would have been happier with just the one character, but I'm so excited and interested by the stories in Legion that I just can't imagine not levelling one of everything.

Have a nice week and happy birthday!


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