Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Elune and the Elves, Part 2

To LoreWatch podcast, Feb 14, 2017

From Alisaunder ( a girl )

Hi guys!

Continued my research into elves and Titans and Elune, and wanted to share.

Queen Azshara did know about Elune, as Tyrande was a priestess and moon emblems are all over the marble elven ruins in Kalimdor and Northrend.

I'd still love to know how Queen Azshara felt about having a real goddess to compete with.

I noticed that the marble ruins resemble Titan structures at Ulduar and Suramar, with use of pillars, domes, and sloping towers so the elves were aware of them, but the elves have two architectural styles, stone and a pagoda like wood style.

I'm wondering if the marble ruins are actually elven, or are Titan ruins with later elven carvings You would think they would either build designs that are evolved from trolls, or wood versions of the Grecian stone structures, but instead we have pagodas. Why?

Why are there no trolls in troll art? Why are the figures and giant heads bald humans?

Why is there one stone structure in Strangle thorn with 4 stone slabs flat on the ground engraved with the rune in the cinematic of Archimonde destroying Dalaran?

I've also started taking screenshots of writing, starting with Ulduar. Maybe I've run it too often but the alphabet looks familiar and I'm wondering if we all speak Titan, basically.

The trolls might have had a language but dwarves, gnomes and vrykul would likely have spoken Titan. The languages would evolve over time of course but  I enjoy linguistics so looking forward to more research.

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