Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Classic WoW Servers

To Horde For Life podcast, Feb. 10, 2017

From Alisaunder

Re classic WoW servers, it's not the old mechanics that I want, it's the quests, the terrain and the world I fell in life with.

Those old quests let me play a hero, and the world was positive. Bridges were getting built, undead were being purged, Ashenvale was beautiful.

There was no Bad Guy of the Month storytelling, there were dozens of stories to explore and they took you all over, so you got too actually see the world and how well crafted it was.

Rather than rely on tricks to make the zone feel larger, by forcing you to go far out and circle back to reach a plant that's only 20 feet over your head, zones were navigable easily.

There were no gaping chasms impossible to cross, instead the Gold Road was the Horde ' s Route 66 to adventure as you worked your way down the road as your levels rose.

Now, the game wastes my time with gating and arbitrary collect 800 of these and 270 of those and Exalted this.

Then, you just went out and experienced the story. The only gating was for raiders and people respected them for it.

I met people waiting for boats, and joined dungeon groups by hanging out at a Summoning Stone with other people.

It should be optional of course, for people that just want to race to the end. And also have the option to switch the zones to Cata as you reach lvl 80, so that the entire story is there. Or to switch Cata off if you prefer.

All the technology exists. In the Blasted Lands and other areas. The files might be gone but Nostalrius would give them to Blizzard in a heartbeat.

I want the option. You don't have to play it, just as I don't have to raid or pvp.

Blood and Thunder, my brothers!

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